Strawberries for Spring 2022 Planted

Our strawberries have been planted this fall for spring 2022. Get ready for sweet, juicy, no chemicals and no pesticides strawberries that you and your family will love.  Strawberries are in high demand so make sure you get them as soon as they are ready. We are excited about planting this year in which it almost did not happen, but God worked things out. To God be the glory.  There is also a great demand for the strawberry plants this year and a great majority of nurseries were sold out! We were feeling a little disappointed, but after several searches we where able to get both strawberry plugs and bare root plants.  We more than double the amount of plants we planted compared to last year.  That is a testimony of the goodness of God.  Planting bare root strawberry plants are not for the novice farmer. You have to keep watering them by overhead irrigation for at least seven to ten days in order for the root to get established.  When you initially plant the bare roots the leaves will dead but the crown will grow when the roots are established. We pray that we have a great harvest in the spring.  We will offer you pick days. Give us a call and come on out and be blessed by the strawberries when they are ready to be harvested. You will not find strawberries as fresh as these with no chemicals at your local grocery store. Call 704-465-8500.