Our Produce

Veggies and Fruit that is grown on Abundant Living Farm for a great and healthy lifestyle.

The Freshest. Healthy. Chemical-Free.

The best place to get fruit and veggies is directly from a local farmer. The produce from a grocery store is not as fresh and sometimes sits on the shelf for many days.  Abundant Living Farm produce is freshly harvested when we sell it.  We do not compromise quality and freshness. This guarantees great taste and an abundance of nutrients in all our fruits and veggies.  We use natural compost from tree leaves and produce straps and peelings.  It naturally breaks down into very rich and nutrient filled compost for each plant. They love it!


Fresh & Healthy

Organic Practices

the Okra Patch

Over the Summer and Fall seasons one of the specialty crops that we grow is some of the best and freshest cut okra. Call to pick up during the season during farm hours Sunday – Friday to pick up great tasting and nutritous okra.


Other than okra we grow and sell the following:


We also grow the following fruit: