Who We Are?

About Us

The names of the people in the picture (back row left to right); Elijah Rodges, Carlene Rodgers, (front row left to right); Cary Rodgers, Elene Rodgers, Nehemiah Rodgers.  

Our family was already growing a lot of agriculture because we have a plant-based diet.  Our meals are made of plenty of fruits, grains, nuts and veggies.    My grandmother loved gardening and had very large gardens which we enjoyed and because it was fresh it always tasted better.   That had an influence on us when we move to the country of Anson County.   My mother would go in search to buy good fresh local produce we would even pick strawberries and blueberries fresh from u-pick farms.  Then we started to grow our own.  With plenty of land, our garden was big.  Since okra was one of the easiest crops for us to grow we would plant several rows of it.  However, when it was harvesting time we would have much more than we could eat and began to think of people who may want our okra and would give it to them.  One day we decided to go ahead and start selling to the public.  We started in the year 2020 selling our blueberries, some plums from our tree, then okra when it was ready to cut.  We loved it!  It was wonderful going out meeting our neighbors and being a service to the community.  This year we are beginning to start a CSA.  Seeing that there are not a lot of close active farmers’ markets for us to go to, we would like to build a customer base locally.  So that is why we are starting a CSA.  We guarantee fresh produce from our farm the way we like it. It is very enjoyable to carry a basket of produce from our farm to our kitchen fresh and taste the difference between this and the grocery store.    This is the food we love to see others enjoy as much as we do.  

– Carlene Rodgers

What we Provide

We are a small family farm that enjoys growing the highest quality fruits and veggies that glorifies God
and promotes a healthy Abundant Living lifestyle. We use natural compost from tree leaves, grass clippings, and produce scraps which breaks down into very rich and nutrient-filled compost for each plant! This guarantees great taste and an abundance of nutrients in all our produce which is freshly harvested when we sell it. Our customers can enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies that help prevent or fight against lifestyle diseases naturally. We are located in Peachland, NC (Anson County) which is in the south central part of the state on the border of South Carolina. We hope to see you soon!

Our Core Values

* such as compost from leaves, produce scraps, grass and mulch clippings